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posted on 15 Sep 2015 13:28 by politicaltailor19
Threatening to consider along the entire film that played before, theres one last false moment at the particular conclusion in which must cheap portable dvd player have been trimmed off recognize when to always be able to quit Kuno.

Best Concealed Gem: Specifically liked the actual not what the girl seems ambulance firecracker Bobby played through actress Papile Aurora.


Website: www.lionsgateshop.com

Rating: R

Cast: Kuno Becker, Papile Aurora, Dan Rovzar

Worth your Moola: great film, sh*tty end nonetheless worth watching.

Ready to address the correct path out of the tight place? Then comply with us even as check out the manufacturer new in order to DVD flick "Panic 5 Bravo" out now coming from Lionsgate home Entertainment. Co-workers whom start to disclose secrets as well as flip in one another whilst becoming threatened simply by an outside intruder proves here to become engaging as hell, never to mention any decent use of 1 location. We find out if there is certainly peace within an overturned ambulance below!

Director: Kuno Becker

Best Feature: Simply No extras would have liked to determine a number of on-set footage involving this one. Director and lead actor Kuno Becker understands the approach to ratchet up the particular tension and also keeps it higher except within the final moments. (At least for filmmakers looking to do an effective film on the budget!)


Runtime: 124 minutes

Launch Company: Lionsgate Residence Entertainment

Title: "Panic 5 Bravo"


The Flick: With Regard To a movie almost all set inside a new single claustrophobic setting (in this case an overturned ambulance around the wrong aspect in the border!), "Panic 5 Bravo" can be surprisingly effective. (aka Catherine Papile!)